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Rates and conditions

As a result of the Corona crisis, a measure has been adopted by the Dutch government whereby the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management will be responsible for covering the fixed usage rate for a period of 8 months. As a result, during this period, the fixed usage rate component on the bill will be zero for the fiscal months of May through December.  From May 1st, 2020 to December 31st, 2020, the rate for Pagabon is equal to the variable usage rate that applies to non-Pagabon customers. This measure has been extended until December 31st 2021. If the expectation of the period in which the measure applies is changed, WEB will inform accordingly.

From January   1st  2021, a new rate is applied for electricity and drinking water. What does that mean for you?

You can calculate the amount of your electricity and/or drinking water invoice here.

Electricity rates January 1st  2020 (download)
Drinking water rates January 1st 2020 (download)

Temporary COVID-19 measure electricity (download)

Temporary COVID -19 measure water drinking water (download)

Electricity rates July 1st 2020 ( download)

Electricity rates January 1st 2021 (download)
Drinking Water rates January 1st 2021 (download

Periodic electricity rates

The variable usage rate (and the rate for customers with delivery based on Pagabon) will be increased from USD 0.2277 per kWh to USD 0.2554 per kWh.

This increase is caused by the (temporary) use of a more expensive type of fuel for the production of electricity. Due to the situation of Bonaire Petroleum Corporation NV (BOPEC) the more expensive Light Fuel Oil (LFO) had to be used temporarily instead of Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO). The Public Entity Bonaire (OLB) is working on a solution that should be ready in the first half of 2021.


Periodic drinking water rates

The variable usage rate will be increased from USD 3,768 per m3 to USD 3,812 per m3.

For customers with delivery by water truck, the rate will be increased from USD 4,513 per m3 to USD 4,548 per m3.

The increase in the variable usage rate and the rate for delivery via the water truck can be attributed to an increase in the costs of electricity, thus indirectly also by an increase in fuel costs.

One-off connection rates (*) electricity and drinking water

The one-off connection rates up to 25 meters are reduced by 4.8% to USD 1,513.56 for electricity and USD 1,030.48 for drinking water. For a connection length greater than 25 meters, a contribution applies based on calculations of the actual expected costs.

The complete electricity tariff sheet applicable from  January 1st 2021 can be found at

Would you like more background information about the Decisions of the new rates for electricity and drinking water? You can download those here.

Decisions drinking water and electricity.

The explanation of the new rates comes with the usage of new terminology. Please find the various terms explained here:

Glossary of the new rate structure (download)
Determination capacity kVA (download)

Would you like more background information on the necessity of new rates? Please find more information here.