Rates and conditions

On these pages you will find the most recent rates of WEB, an explanation of the different types of rates, a calculation tool and the conditions of WEB.

The Dutch Government has designated the Authority for Consumers and Market (ACM) to determine the cost-covering rates for electricity and drinking water. The ACM investigates which costs WEB and ContourGlobal Bonaire make to produce and deliver electricity and drinking water. On the basis of this, two usage rates are determined: a variable (six-monthly) usage rate and a fixed (annual) usage rate.

To make sure that the rates on Bonaire will continue to be affordable, rate subsidies are granted. For drinking water by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management (I&W) and for electricity the Ministry of Economic Affairs (EZK).

This subsidy you will find back in the form of a reduction, see details in the List of rates:

Electricity rates January 2024 (pdf)
Drinking water rates January 2024 (pdf)

Electricity rates July 1st 2023 (pdf)
Electricity rates January 1st 2023 (pdf)
Drinking water rates January 1st 2023 (pdf)

Summary of main changes to WEB terms and conditions



Calculation tool rates

With the calculation tool below you can easily calculate the amount of your electricity or drinking water invoice. The calculation tool works with the most recent rates. At this moment those are the Electricity rates January 2024 and Drinking water rates January 2024

Connection rates

The connection rate is an application fee that you pay to WEB for a new connection on the electricity and drinking water network. The connection rates are:

  • Drinking water (standard connection up to ½”)
    USD 1.191,59 for a standard connection up to 25 meters
  • Electricity (standard connection up to 3×35 Ampere)
    USD 1.750,19 for a standard connection up to 25 meters



Deposit Electricity


One-phase/two-phase/three-phase for power up to max.3X35 Ampere without air conditioning/ construction connection $ 150.00
Increase by air conditioning unit $ 75.00
Connection for power from 3X50 Ampere Calculation

Deposit Water

½” / construction connection $ 100.00
Greater than ½”  Calculation

Extension rate

For connections at a distance of more than 25 meters from the network WEB makes a separate cost estimation.


Connections that do not fall under the definition of a standard connection are considered projects. For this WEB makes a separate calculation of the connection costs. If an application is not justified from an economic perspective, WEB may decide not to process the application.


The reconnection rates for electricity and drinking water are $40.00 per reconnection.

Usage rates

The usage rates are periodic (monthly) amounts that you pay for electricity and drinking water. WEB applies two rates.

  • The variable usage rate: this is based on the production costs for electricity and drinking water. This rate is equal for everyone: you pay for what you consume per kWh electricity and per m3 drinking water.
  • The fixed usage rate: this is based on the costs of the network and the electricity and drinking water supply. The height of the fixed usage rate is determined by the connection capacity of your electricity and drinking water installation.



Water truck

For drinking water delivered by water truck a variable rate per m3 is applied. This rate includes the fixed and variable rate for drinking water. For delivery must be paid in advance.


Consumers of Pagabon, the prepaid system to buy electricity, pay a variable rate per kWh. This rate includes the fixed and variable rate for electricity.

You will find a brief overview in our Glossary Structure Rate (pdf).

Connection capacity

The fixed usage rage is linked to the capacity of your connection. The connection capacity indicates how much electricity or drinking water can go through your connection. The larger the connection capacity, the higher the fixed usage rate.

For drinking water nearly all the connections have the same capacity: the ‘half inch’. For electricity the connection capacity is expressed in ‘kilovoltampere’ or: kVA.

The total amperes of the connection capacity electricity goes in steps from 25 to 200:

25 / 35 / 50 / 63 / 80 / 100 / 125 / 160 / 200

The kVA (ampere x voltage) indicates the maximum quantity of electricity that your installation can receive. This maximum amount is the basis for the calculation of the fixed usage rate.

Download here the table Determination kVA (pdf).



How do I know what my connection capacity is?

The connection capacity of your installation you can see in your Fuse Box (PZ-kast). The fuse rating of your fuse box must be 1 step up from the value of the main installation fuse.

For example: your installation has a 50 amp main fuse. Then WEB will install 63 ampere fuses in your fuse box. The connection capacity is then 3x 63 ampere. This determines the reimbursement for the network costs and is expressed in the fixed usage rate

Can my connection capacity be adjusted?

The size of your electrical installation and the main fuse rating is not the responsibility of WEB. You can ask WEB to check the connection capacity. For example, if you notice that the connection rating in the meter box. Then you can submit a report at WEB.

Remember the following:

  • When submitting the report please provide the inspection card and/or the installation schedule of your installation.
  • Mention your consumer number on all the documents.
  • If there are no documents available WEB will then come and inspect your installation. This will entail transport costs.

Is the connection capacity incorrect? Then technical and administrative adjustments will follow. WEB will pay you a refund for the possible overpayments of the fixed usage rate. This applies for a maximum period of 6 months.

Is the connection capacity correct, but you are still looking for an adjustment? Then you will have to contact a registered installer. After the adjustments follows a re-inspection by the Directorate of Supervision and Enforcement (DTH). The costs of the installer and the re-inspection by DTH are for your own account.

Download here our List Registered Installers and Experienced Plumbers (pdf).

After the re-inspection, please visit WEB with your new inspection card. From that moment on, you will be charged the fixed usage rate that corresponds to the new connection capacity. There are no refunds.