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Purchasing policy

WEB wants to be a reliable, honest and professional client to contractors and offer them fair and equal opportunities.

Of our staff and also our external advisors we demand that they act in accordance with the guidelines of the Corporate Governance Code of the Island Territory of Bonaire. This includes the procurement rules set of the Code and any future procurement rules that apply to Bonaire. WEB is not subject to European procurement rules. Yet our purchasing policy does aim to comply to these – adapted to the local situation where needed.

Depending on the type of goods, services or work delivered, WEB places its orders based on individual or collective private or public tenders. For private tenders we give priority to local contractors from Bonaire. We also take account of the ‘smaller’ companies by applying split tenders. Prior to a tender, WEB verifies if there are stakes outside Bonaire. Whether a contract has a significant stake outside Bonaire is dependent on the value and nature of the assignment. In case of interest outside Bonaire we apply the general principles of procurement and publication. WEB will then publish an announcement of the intended assignment in one or more newspapers and on this website.

For more information see Public tenders.