Corporate social responsibility

We gladly support you!

WEB is part of the community. It is our mission to contribute to good health, self-sufficiency and a high standard of living on Bonaire. We do that by a reliable, sustainable and affordable drinking water and electricity supply and the treatment of wastewater. But we do more: together we bring Bonaire further.

At WEB we find it very important to contribute to the positive development of Bonaire’s youth. We are also committed to the welfare of the elder people of Bonaire.

We support education, information and awareness on the area of water, energy and sustainability. For more than 50 years WEB has a solid sponsorship policy




To WEB sustainability also means that we have to take corporate social responsibility. The energy and water supply on Bonaire must contribute to a sustainable development of the island. The population grows, tourism is developing, Bonaire is a growing market. In the coming years WEB will be heavily investing. This is the only way that reliability, affordability and quality of the energy and water supply can be brought up to standard that fits to the rapidly developing Bonaire.

The proportion of renewable energy (green energy) of WEB is approximately 38 percent on annual basis. The energy is produced by wind turbines of ContourBlobal Bonaire at Morotin and the Solar Pilot at Barcadera. The production of drinking water at Hato takes place with the most modern reverse osmosis-technologies, which save energy and prevent contamination of our seawater. WEB is also responsible for the disposal and treatment of wastewater on Bonaire and for re-usage of treated wastewater as irrigation water.

A sustainable lifestyle should be something that is within the grasp of all residents of Bonaire, should be encouraged and be embraced as a social standard. For this reason, WEB gladly invests in accessible, affordable and attractive sustainable alternatives.

Sponsorship request

Would you like to request WEB to sponsor an event or a social purpose?
Then please submit request to us! This must be in writing, per post to Kaya Gresia #6 or per e-mail to

Be sure to insert the following in the sponsoring request:

  • Name and address of organization
  • Name, phone number and e-mail address of the contact person
  • Name of event or purpose
  • Description of event or purpose
  • Possible other sponsors of the event or purpose
  • Motivation
  • Compensation/reciprocation
  • Financial overview

Within two weeks after receipt we will notify you if we can process the request.



Rules & Regulations

  • WEB gives priority to sponsorship requests aimed at the youth, elderly, cultural heritage, sport, education and development.
  • A sponsorship request for an event should be submitted to WEB at least three weeks before the event commences.
  • Requests can be submitted by an organization, a school, an association, a foundation, a team or an event agency. WEB does not process requests from individuals.
  • WEB Bonaire does not sponsor events or organizations that discriminate on the grounds of political belief, sex and/or religion. We will not accept requests for events with a theme related to drugs, alcohol and/or sex. We will not accept requests for events, purposes or organizations that are in one way or another involved with, or related to, religion and/or politics.

Sports Association Vespo

Since September 2015 WEB is the main sponsor of Sports association Vespo in Rincon. WEB supports Vespo in financial terms to continue developing and to reinforce sportsmanship. WEB and Vespo continuously consider how together they can add value to the activities of Vespo. Every year they analyze the results on and outside the field.

Cultural heritage

Did you know that WEB adopted the water well Dos Pos? Since 1889 Dos Pos (two wells) provides water to the inhabitants of Rincon and local farmers (kunukero’s) in the area. In 1940 a water well has been placed. WEB restored the water well and the basins and the taps at its 50th anniversary in 2014. By maintaining this cultural historical heritage WEB wants to contribute to the identity and a feeling of belonging within the community of Bonaire.

WEB’s Save Game

WEB considers it important that the public consciously deals with drinking water and electricity. They don’t get out of nothing. And they cost money.

Learning to save in a playful way
Today’s children are tomorrow’s customers. WEB’s Save Game starts at the base: children become aware of the value of drinking water and electricity and in a playful way learn how to save.

Tested by the children
WEB’s Save Game is a classroom board game for school children in groups 3 to 8 in primary education. All elements of the game are custom-made, child-friendly and for the largest part produced on Bonaire.

After brainstorm sessions of WEB Communications and Deviate Design, a prototype was developed. This was tested with group 3 and 4 of Kolegio Kristu Bon Wardador and group 7 and 8 of primary school Aquamarin. The children’s feedback has been included in the final version.

Locally produced
WEB has awarded the production of the numerous parts of the game to local entrepreneurs as much as possible. As for Carpinteria Statia produced the power blocks, awa blocks, houses, game boxes and game boards.

The engraving of the various wooden elements was done by SML Concepts in Nawati. They also developed the flip-coins and Webbies and provided the final installation of the game boards.

The technically demanding printing was printed in the Netherlands. Cavalier Logistics took care of quick transport to Bonaire.

On the 23rd of February 2018 promotion teams of WEB brought 15 games to the 8 primary schools on Bonaire. The teachers, as ‘WEB Master’ being the game leaders, had been instructed beforehand. The promotion teams set up the game and camera crews filmed the first time the children played WEB’s Save Game.

The enthusiasm, joy and catching competition between the teams were wonderful to see. WEB is committed to further development of the awareness of drinking water and electricity in the new generation.

WEB’s World Water Day

Every year on the 22nd of March it is World Water Day. Everywhere in the world people think again how important water is. Clean and safe fresh water, for people, animals and plants. And for the soil, so that it does not become a desert.

When we help nature, nature helps us
On Bonaire we produce our own drinking water from the sea. But we also take care of natural fresh water. We plant trees and shrubs to reduce the evaporation of water. 

We construct dams, so that rainwater does not flow away. We repair sources and wells for fresh water. We use purified sewage water for irrigation. This gives us more green, while saving precious drinking water.

Every year WEB Bonaire organizes a competition especially for kids as part of World Water Day.