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Welcome to the website (hereinafter referred to as: the ‘Website’) of Water en Energiebedrijf Bonaire N.V. (WEB), or Water and Energy Company Ltd. (‘WEB’).
Please read the following basic terms of use of this Website carefully. The following terms apply to the Website. You agree to these Terms of Use (“Terms of Use”) by using the Website or by downloading the information shown on the Website.


The information on this Website is intended to be general information.
WEB has the right to change or terminate the Website or to have the Website changed or terminated at its own discretion and at any time of its choosing, with or without prior announcement.
WEB is not liable for consequences of the changes or the termination.

Use of Information

WEB offers all Information, including texts, images, illustrations, logos, designs, icons, photographs, video, written and all other materials, which is a part of this Website (jointly referred to as: the “Information”) and the Website itself for personal, non-commercial use by the users of the Website. WEB is not liable for created and/or impending damage arising from, in any manner, the use of the Website or the inability to consult the Website.

Guarantee stipulations and disclaimers

  • WEB seeks to ensure that the Information is accurate, comprehensive, and current. Nevertheless, it can happen that the content is incomplete and/or inaccurate. Therefore, WEB does not guarantee that the Website is error-free. Moreover, WEB does not guarantee that the Website will function or be accessible uninterruptedly.
  • WEB provides the content of the Website as is. As WEB has compiled the information and data from various sources, WEB expressly waives all guarantee stipulations and/or conditions with respect to all matters related to the Website or referred to on the Website.

Ownership of Materials

WEB retains all rights (including copyrights, trademarks and/or other intellectual property rights) to the Information.
It is not permitted to copy, duplicate, forward, disseminate, disclose the Information or to make it available to third parties against payment, without the express authorization of WEB.


Water- en Energiebedrijf Bonaire is a registered trademark of WEB.
The other product or service names or logos of WEB to which the Website refers are either trademarks or registered trademarks of WEB. The absence of a product name and/or service name or logo in the Terms of Use does not imply that WEB waives its trademark and/or other intellectual property rights with respect to such a name or logo.

Feedback and Information

  • All Feedback sent in by you to this Website will be treated as non-confidential information. The term “Feedback” shall be taken to mean, among others: comments, cards, e-mail messages, suggestions, ideas, and other submissions that are provided, sent or offered or given in any other manner to WEB on or via this Website in connection with your use of this Website.
  • WEB has the right to make unlimited use of such Feedback.
  • Unauthorized or improper use of the Website or its content can constitute a transgression of laws and regulations or an infringement on intellectual property rights and/or other rules and rights. Moreover, you consent to not sending Feedback to the Website containing any libelous or otherwise unlawful, offensive or obscene materials. You are responsible for everything you send from the Website.

Businesses and third-party products

  • The mention of third-party products, businesses, and websites on the Website is for informational purposes only, and implies neither support nor a recommendation.  WEB has not assessed the accuracy, comprehensiveness or currency of such information and websites.
  • WEB is not liable for the selection, performance or use of these products or businesses. WEB is mentioning this information exclusively for the convenience of its users. All third-party products must be ordered directly from those third parties and all possible permits and guarantee stipulations must be agreed upon between you and those third parties. Furthermore, WEB recommends that you contact the third party with whom you take on an obligation to verify the accuracy and comprehensiveness of the concerned information.

Hyperlinks to other websites

WEB does not exert any influence on the content of any other website that can be opened via the Website. Therefore, WEB cannot accept any liability for the consequences that can arise from the hyperlinks to any other website. If you are visiting a website via a hyperlink, then you must be aware that this website operates independently from WEB and that WEB has no control over its content or that WEB might not support the content or the use of such website.

Miscellaneous provisions

  • Unless stated otherwise, the Website and Information are offered exclusively to promote the products and services of WEB.
  • WEB administers the Website from its head office in Kralendijk, Bonaire.
  • The use and the Information of the Website are governed by the law of the BES islands. The court on Bonaire is competent to adjudicate upon potential disputes that can arise in connection with the Website.
  • The use of this Website constitutes agreement with the Terms of Use of WEB.
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