Kralendijk, June 23rd, 2022 – The board of Water -en EnergieBedrijf Bonaire (WEB) presented the annual accounts, the auditor’s report and the annual report 2021 to the Public Entity Bonaire (OLB). As shareholder of WEB, the OLB has confirmed the annual accounts. The annual report presents the state of affairs for 2021 in facts, figures and explanations.


2021 was an exciting and successful year for WEB. Despite all the growth that is taking place on the island, WEB has managed to realize all planned projects within the set time and budget.


Delivery and commissioning of the new drinking water factory

In October 2021, WEB celebrated the completion of the new drinking facility and could be put into use. After many years WEB¬† is again sole producer of Bonaire’s drinking. This new facility has a much lower energy consumption than its predecessor. No chemicals are used in the production of drinking water.


Delivery and commissioning of the new water tank on Seru Largu

In 2021 a new water tank with a capacity of 5000 m3 was built on Seru Largu. With this, Bonaire has a total drinking water storage capacity  of 25,500 m3.


Remediation of the water pipeline

In 2021, WEB will have completed the remediation and reinforcement of distribution pipelines for drinking water. The work included a new pressure pipeline from Hato to Seru Largu and a new main pipeline from Seru Largu to Kaya Maria Carmen Helmund.


Completion of the 9th EDF project: repair irrigation pipeline and waste treatment plant

In collaboration with Public Entity Bonaire (OLB), Netherlands Antilles Development Foundation (SONA) and MNO Vervat, WEB completed the 9th project in 2021 with financing from the EDF (European Development Fund). The irrigation pipe has been fully repaired and repairs have been made to the wastewater treatment plant and booster station as well. On completion, the exploitation of the irrigation water pipeline was formally transferred from OLB to WEB.


Start of 10th EDF project: expansion of the sewerage system

In 2021, WEB started the expansion project of the sewerage system in Belnem and Hato and building an additional vacuum station in Belnem (10th EDF project). WEB is pleased that the expansion could start because the current capacity of the sewerage system, especially in Belnem, is approaching its maximum capacity.


On June 3ed 2022, WEB presented the annual accounts, the auditor’s report and the 2021 annual report to the OLB. On June 17th, the OLB confirmed the 2021 annual accounts. WEB has thus complied with the terms set by Bonaire’s Corporate Governance Code.


WEB has managed to achieve a positive result. This result was mainly caused by efficient business operations and a higher than projected growth that was anticipated in the purchase of drinking water and electricity. A one-time correction to the warehouse credits has also been processed. A positive result is important for WEB in order to be able to meet all the lender’s ratios. Healthy business operations are necessary for WEB to be able to finance current and future growth as a future-proof organization.


In 2021 WEB received subsidies from the Ministries of EZK and I&W for electricity and drinking water prices respectively. WEB receives a subsidy from the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment for the processing of waste water.


WEB is pleased with the good cooperation with the Executive Council and the Ministries of EZK, I&W and BZK. They help us realize our mission: to contribute to public health and a high standard of living on Bonaire through an affordable, reliable and sustainable drinking water and energy supply and the processing of waste water.


A downloadable condensed version of the 2021 annual report will be published shortly on our website Interested parties who wish to inspect the full annual report can submit a request for this in writing or by e-mail. You can send this to Kaya Gresia 6, Kralendijk, or send an email to: