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Help natural wastewater treatment!

Harmful substances in wastewater kill the bacteria that are supposed to purify the water. Also, there are various products that can clog the wastewater treatment plants.

You can prevent environmental damage by not flushing the following substances or products through you toilet or sink:

Oils and fats, food
Chemicals and medicines  
Adhesive and paint residues  
Textiles and plastics  
o waste oil
o frying and cooking fat or oil
o motor and penetrating oil
o petroleum
o lamp oil
o salad oil
o food waste
o fruit and vegetable waste
o ammonia
o bleach
o pesticides
o chlorine
o disinfectants
o medicines
o stain remover
o glue
o turpentine
o thinner
o paint (including water based)
o condoms
o pantyliners
o cat litter
o diapers
o sanitary napkins
o adhesive strips
o plasters
o tampons
o bandages
o wet toilet wipes
o cotton wool (products)


Did you know that …

  •  … most of these substances and products can still be thrown in the bin? In the future, Bonaire will proceed to differentiated waste collection.
  • … you can drop off used oil for free at Selibon? For companies Selibon removes the oil by appointment and against payment.
  • … liquid soap and vinegar are fine substitutes for the harmful chlorine?
  • … salty groundwater or seawater is bad for the water treatment process? Please make sure they are not in your cesspool or septic tank.


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