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Final stage BSSS
Two somewhat larger neighborhoods are still being connected to the Bonaire Sewage & Sanitation System (BSSS): Hato en Belnem. The connection area in Belnem runs from EEG Boulevard and Kaya Saturnus to Kaya Solo on de north side, Kaya Uranus and Kaya Lima on east side and on the south side ends at the building structures at level of Punt Vierkant.

New vacuum station
In Belnem a new vacuum station is installed to support the BSSS’s other four stations. In Hato probably a sixth vacuum station will be added to optimize the capacity of the BSSS.

Turn the button!
On May 24, 2014 the final phase of the construction of the BSSS was festively inaugurated with the even ‘Turn the button’. Literally, in more and more households and business the buttons are turned that dispose of wastewater through the sewer. Also metaphorically the button has been turned: from careless handling of wastewater to central collection, treatment and reuse. An important moment for our health, our coral reefs and our economy.


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