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Shared responsibility

The Eilandsverordening (Island Ordinance) Wastewater Bonaire (2012) provides the regulation of the collection, transport and treatment of wastewater. It is a shared responsibility with rights and duties for government, households and businesses.

In the coastal strip from Hato to Punt Vierkant connection to the sewage system is mandatory for households and businesses. In designated urban areas and along the roads to Rincon and Sorobon, government has the duty to collect wastewater with tanker trucks.

Download the map Duty of care areas (pdf)

Everybody who discharges wastewater is obliged to avoid environmental damage. That means that you do not pollute the soil, the groundwater and surface water. It also means that you do not throw materials and products into your wastewater that are harmful to the treatment plant.

Check here the substances and products concerned


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