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Apply for a Pagabon connection

To apply for the Pagabon system, whether or not there is an electricity connection does make a difference. If you only have a temporary electricity connection, you cannot yet apply for a Pagabon system.

To apply for the Pagabon system, you must submit the following documents:

  • a notarial deed or a “written inspection” from the Land Registry Office (Kadaster), no more than one year old;
  • a cadastral drawing (situation drawing);
  • a valid proof of identity with a clear photograph;
  • an inspection card* for the permanent electricity connection.

*The inspection, completion and signing of the inspection card must be performed by a registered installer. You can obtain the inspection card from the relevant installer.

Please note:

  • If you are not the owner of the plot of land, you must submit a signed authorization, no more than six months old, and a copy of the owner’s valid proof of identity.
  • In some cases, documents such as a death certificate, a family book or an ‘under receivership’ must be submitted!
  • If you rent your accommodation from Fundashon Cas Bonairiano (FCB), please ensure that you are able to submit a letter that has been stamped by the FCB.

Connection application form (download)

Once the application is complete and includes all of the required documents, we will schedule an appointment with you to review the situation on site. If civil work activities (excavation) are necessary in order to create the connection, the procedure may take longer.

Once you have paid the costs for the connection, we will schedule an appointment with you to install the Pagabon meter. After this installation, the customer service department will activate the system. You will then receive the Pagabon instruction card, on which you can record your meter number. You can read both your meter and your customer number on the receipt of the electricity credit you have purchased.


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