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Connection takeover

To ensure the swift settlement of connections, we offer you the option of arranging the takeover of the water and/or electricity together, provided that:
• you still have the deposit at the old address;
• you have paid all outstanding invoices for the old address.

Please report the connection takeover to us and submit the following documents:
• a notarial deed or “written inspection” of the Land Registry, no more than one year old;
• a valid proof of identity for both parties that displays a clear photograph;
• you have the drinking water and/or electricity meter numbers.

Please note:
• If you are not the owner of the plot of land, you must submit a signed authorization, no more than six months old, and a copy of the owner’s valid proof of identity.
• In some cases, documents such as a death certificate, a family book or an ‘under receivership’ must be submitted!

Update form for a name change / connection takeover (download)