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Do you live on a kunuku?

If you would like to have water and electricity on your kunuku, contact WEB first to find out about your options. In general, a connection to WEB’s network is not possible. A water and/or an electricity connection on a kunuku entails high investment costs for WEB that we cannot bear for a small community.

It is possible that a main water line or electricity grid runs alongside your plot of land. In that case, you can request water or electricity, and you may be eligible for a meter. The extra costs that this could entail would be charged to your account.

If a main water connection has already been installed, we will  supply you with water via a water truck, provided that WEB can access your kunuku.

To apply for water delivery to the kunuku via a water truck, you must submit the following documents:
• a kunuku book; you can request this from the Directorate of Land Planning & Development of the Public Entity of Bonaire;
• a cadastral drawing (situation drawing);
• a valid proof of identity with a clear photograph.

Please note:
• If you are not the owner of the plot of land, you must submit a signed authorization, no more than six months old, and a copy of the owner’s valid proof of identity.

  • In some cases, documents such as a death certificate, a family book or an ‘under receivership’ must be submitted!
  • When it comes to electricity, we are happy to advise you about options such as the connection of an off-grid solar panel system. We can work together to figure out the most economical solution.