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Solar energy

March 2015 Bonaire put a new step towards more green power: solar energy. The Solar Pilot at Barcadera is a test setup of 792 solar panels, now providing energy for around 60 households. With this installation WEB examines the returns and the future opportunities of solar energy.

Like wind energy, solar energy depends on nature: at night there is no sun and during power generation in day time there may be clouds. This causes highs and lows that may give problems in the power grid. Therefore, the Solar Pilot also examines the impact of the distribution of solar power on the grid.

This is important as well for managing the impact of individual energy generation with solar panels: companies and individuals who want to use their own installation for solar energy.

At insufficient energy generation, they can fall back on electricity supply by WEB. If they generate more than they consume, the excess electricity is fed back into the grid. This creates fluctuations and instability that WEB must be able to handle.

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