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Solar Pilot Barcadera
March 2015 the Solar Pilot Barcadera was opened on Bonaire. This is a test setup of 792 solar panels on the Barcadera grounds. With this installation WEB examines the returns and the impact on the power grid of energy production with solar panels. Also the feasibility of a large Solar Garden is investigated.

A high quality monitoring system records environmental factors such as irradiance, temperature and wind speed. The impact of distribution of solar energy on the power grid is followed minutely. Weekly analysis of the measurements gives WEB insight into the necessary adjustments, returns and future possibilities of energy generation with solar panels.

If the results are favorable, the test setup can be extended. One option is a solar garden. For this WEB will seek cooperation with both corporate and private investors. The participation of the population and companies offers space for solidarity with those who can not afford solar panels.

This way a Solar garden can, in the context of the upcoming Act Electricity and Drinking Water BES, provide a solution to keep electricity affordable and to make solar energy accessible to all inhabitants of Bonaire.

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