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Details inspection DG installation

What do the installer, WEB and the Office of Enforcement (DTH) do?

  • On behalf of the customer, the registered installer takes care of the registration of the DG installation. The installer provides the necessary documents, including existing and new installation plans and inspection cards.
  • WEB assesses the accuracy and completeness of the application. In case of no agreement, WEB informs the installer about this.
  • WEB checks the supplied documents and performs a grid integration study if the capacity of the installation is > 13 kVA, or if the location gives rise to further investigation.
  • If the application is complete, the installer will collect it from WEB.
  • The installer submits the application and accompanying documents to DTH (Office of Enforcement of the Public Entity of Bonaire).
  • DTH checks the inspection card and the installation plan, and sets a date for the inspection. If an existing installation is older than three years, a re-inspection has to take place. The installer will request this at DTH.
    Please note! For installations up to 3 years old of which the inspection card is missing for whatever reason, the customer can request a copy of the card at DTH. If there is no copy available, a re-inspection has to take place.
  • Upon approval the installer collects the inspection card from DTH.
  • WEB invites the customer for signing the DG Interconnection Agreement.


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