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Optimal energy mix

Bonaire’s energy mix consists of a diesel power plant at Karpata, a peakshaver/backup diesel power plant at Barcadera, the test setup of solar panels on Barcadera, the windfarm at Morotin and a windmill at Sorobon.

WEB is committed to as much ‘green power’ as possible: electricity from wind and solar energy. These are renewable energy sources that are indefinitely available. We must take into account, however, that they are unstable because they depend on nature.

As soon as the wind lessens there is less wind energy. At night there is no sun and during power generation in daytime there may be clouds, resulting in less solar energy. The technology for storage of green power is developing rapidly, but storage in e.g. large batteries is still very, at present storage, eg in large batteries, is still very expensive. Hence, we can not yet build up buffers for more stability in green power supply.

Fossil fuels – oil, gas, shale gas, coal – harm the environment by CO2 emissions. They are not renewable and their availability is finite. But a considerable advantage of fossil fuels is that they are stable sources of energy.
The amount of diesel fuel that is required for a certain amount of electricity can be fairly accurately calculated. Unlike with wind and sun you know exactly what you get. Fossil fuels can not yet be missed in the energy mix that WEB pursues for sustainable, reliable and affordable electricity on Bonaire.


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