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Treatment and supply

The reversed osmosis technique used for water production on Bonaire provides extremely pure water. This water is not yet drinking water. It needs a post treatment to comply with legal requirements. For example it should contain minerals, including a certain amount of calcium.

Via lime filters calcium carbonate is dissolved in the water, making it slightly ‘harder’. For dishwasher users: the water has a total hardness of around 50 mg/l or 2.8 German Hardness degrees. With this, the water is still relatively soft and will give little calcification. On Bonaire no fluoride is added to drinking water. Fluoridation is not a legal requirement anymore in Dutch legislation since 1973.

After its treatment the drinking water is stored in the tanks of the water plant at Hato. It is then pumped to the distribution tanks on Seru Largu, Sabadeco and Subi Rincon. From there it runs through the water supply network to your main valve. With the distribution tanks standing on hills, gravity ensures sufficient water pressure.

Drinking water

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