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Bonaire’s population is growing and tourism is an important economic pillar. Drinking water is one of the basic needs of man. WEB continues to invest in the water supply system so that the reliable supply is guaranteed to all households and bulk consumers on our island.

Start independent drinking water production
On October 27, 2015 a new desalination unit has been put into operation at the water plant at Hato. With this unit WEB produces 1,600 m3 of drinking water under own management. This brings the total production capacity on Bonaire at 5,600 m3 per day. The production of 4,000 m3 per day by partner GE Water & Process Technology will gradually be brought under WEB’s own management. From 2019 onwards WEB will independently produce drinking water.

New pressure pipeline
Due to population growth and increasing economic activity the demand for drinking water on Bonaire is rising. To meet this, WEB increases the water storage and transport capacity. More water needs to be transported from the water plant to the storage tanks on Seru Largu. With the current installation this causes too high energy costs in relation to the price of drinking water. Therefore a new pressure pipeline with a larger diameter (from DN200 to DN250) has been constructed. In addition frequency converters (VFD) have been installed on the electric motors of the pumps. These measures considerably reduce energy consumption and increase the efficiency and reliability of the drinking water supply on Bonaire.

Drinking water

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