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Connection capacity of electricity


The connection capacity indicates the maximum amount of electricity, expressed in kilo Volt-ampere (kVA), which can be purchased. This amount is limited by the fuses WEB has placed in your fuse box. This sealed box is located between the electricity network and your electricity meter and can usually be found in an alcove on the corner of your plot.

According to the guidelines, the fuse rating of your fuse box must be 1 step up from the value of the main installation fuse.

Does your installation, for example, have a 50 amp main fuse? Then WEB will install 63 ampere fuses in your fuse box. The connection capacity is then 3x 63 ampere. This determines the reimbursement for the network costs and is expressed in the fixed usage rate. More information can be found under the heading ‘electricity rates.’

Your installation and the connection capacity therefore have a logical connection. Main fuse installation + 1 step up = connection capacity (ampere x voltage x 1.73 / 1.000 = kVA.)

Indication of Ampere


If you are of the opinion that the connection capacity does not reflect your installation, you can contact us. As of 1st January 2019, a charge of USD 27.50 will be charged for checking the connection capacity. This amount must be paid in advance. You must provide us with your consumer number and the inspection card and / or installation schedule.

Before you contact us, we advise you to check the main fuse rating of your electrical installation. The size of your electrical installation and the main fuse rating is not the responsibility of WEB.

You can find the main fuse rating on the schematic installation drawing and / or inspection card associated with your electrical installation. You can also check the main fuse rating by reading your meter box.

In a normal situation, the WEB connection capacity must be one step up from the main fuse rating. This means that with a 63 amp main fuse a WEB connection capacity of 80 amps is required. This connection capacity is in accordance with the guidelines.

If it appears that the connection rating is too high, you can make a report. You must provide us with your consumer number and the inspection card and / or installation schedule.

If no documentation is available from which the requested rating can be derived, an installation   inspection will take place. The main fuse rating will then be recorded and compared with the fuse box ratings.

If the connection capacity is not in accordance with the guidelines, a technical and administrative adjustment will follow. You will get a refund (for a maximum period of 6 months.)

Is the connection capacity in accordance with the guidelines and are you still looking for an adjustment? Then you will have to contact a registered installer. After the adjustment a re-inspection must be done. The ratings ​​on the inspection card must match the ratings ​​of the devices in your home. The re-inspection concerns the part of the installation that has been modified and is carried out by the Department of Supervision and Enforcement in accordance with the usual procedure. The costs of this re-inspection are for your own account.

When the re-inspection is done please visit WEB with your new inspection card and we will make the necessary administrative and technical adjustments. From that moment on, you will be charged the fixed usage rate that corresponds to the new connection capacity. There are no refunds.

List of registered installers and experienced plumbers (download)