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For over 50 years WEB works for the Bonairean community. We offer you a concise overview of highlights in our history:

The ‘Overzeese Gas- en Elektriciteitsmaatschappij’ (OGEM) starts its activities on Bonaire

The Water Distribution Service (‘Dienst Water Distributie’ – DWD) is founded.

DWD and OGEM merge under a new name: Water- en Energiebedrijf Bonaire N.V.

The production of drinking water on Bonaire – the water plant in Hato – switches for a large part to ‘reverse osmosis’, a technology for desalination of seawater that was developed in the mid-90’s. Before that seawater was desalinated by thermal processes causing the release of hot wastewater with high salt concentrations. Reversed osmosis is more sustainable and efficient.

WEB conducts a trial with ‘prepaid’ electricity at 35 households in Amboina. It is a success: to pay in advance and be able to exactly track the power consumption appeals to many people. By now more than 1,500 customers use the ‘Pagabon’ prepaid system.

WEB starts purchasing ‘green power’ from the wind mill park at Morotin. The park is constructed by Ecopower and in 2013 is taken over by Contour Global.

The first wastewater treatment plant (AWZI) is built on Bonaire. The plant purifies wastewater collected from cesspools and septic tanks. WEB is responsible for the exploitation.

WEB operates the second wastewater treatment plant plus associated collection infrastructure (Waste Water Treatment Plant – WWTP) for the Bonaire Sewerage & Sanitation System (BSSS).

A new production unit in the water plant in Hato brings the drinking water capacity to 4800 m3 per day. Consumption in 2014 is around 4400 m3 per day.

For Pagabon a third selling point is opened at office Rincon. In the last and first week of the month this office is opened for the population of Rincon.

With approval of the Executive Council (Public Entity Bonaire) the electricity rate is reduced with 2 dollar cents.

After 28 years the new restyled WEB logo with the new corporate identity and website is introduced to WEB employees, stakeholders and the population of Bonaire.

Bonairiaanse Wegenbouw Maatschappij (BWM) en Curaçaose Wegenbouw Maatschappij (CWM) are the selected tender of the public tender for the construction of two new water distribution pipes.

The electricity rates are reduced with 2 dollar cent with approval of the Executive Counsel (Public Entity Bonaire).

The main office located on the Kaya Carlos A. Nicolaas 3 temporarily moves to Kaya Gresia z/n.

Commissioned by WEB the Solar Pilot Barcadera is launched. With this test setup of 792 solar panels, designed and supplied by Oskomera Power Solutions from the Netherlands, we examine the returns and the impact on the power grid of a central plant for solar energy.

WEB’s Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) processed the 300th batch of waste water. The irrigation water, which meets the norms that are enforced by the Public Entity Bonaire, is being supplied by Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries (OLB) to farmers.

As part of the sponsorship policy WEB is the main sponsor of sporting club VESPO from Rincon. WEB supports the club financially and with good sportsmanship in order for further development.

The production of drinking water in Hato is expanded again. With a new desalination unit 1,600 m3 drinking water per day is produced by WEB under own management. This brings the total production capacity at 5,600 m3 per day.

WEB’s emergency service number already was available 24/7. With making the number toll free WEB expends his services for his clients.

WEB and and pension fund Vidanova sign a new financing agreement. The agreement, with the new and modern pension regulation, is adjusted to the WEB’s age-conscious personnel policy and offers employees more freedom to determine their own retirement date.


Van den Tweel Supermarket is the fourth selling point for Pagabon tokens.

WEB and knowledge center TNO Caribbean sign a framework agreement for technical and economic support concerning the expansion of the electricity production.

July 1st the new BES Electricity and Drinking Water Act comes into effect. The law regulates several aspects of production and distribution of power and drinking water on Bonaire.

The Waste Water Treatment Plant (WTTP) processed the 1000 batch of waste water. With this WEB has reached a production of 276.050 m3.

The electricity rate for homes have been reduced two times with a total of 4 dollar cent.

WEB’s employees train their digital skills at the local training institute SkillsProf for European Computer Driving License (EDCL).


With the newly appointed Chief Financial Officer the dual Executive Management is completely again.

28 WEB employees successful in training emergency rescue response officer. With this the first part of the training ER/CPR/AED certification for the ERR is a success.

Fedebon and WEB extended the current Collective Agreement (CAO) up till 31st December 2019.

The 2013 covenant between Unkobon and WEB has been actualized. With this the interests of the consumer and the by WEB intended policy are discussed four times a year.

WEB and Directorate Supervision and Enforcement (DTH) present the new inspection card for electrical installations to registered installers on Bonaire.

Sports association Vespo in Rincon and main sponsor WEB extend their sponsorship agreement.

WEB and Operators Group Delft (OGD) sign a two-year contract for ICT support.

Bondigro is the second company on Bonaire to successfully complete the WEB procedure for a PV installation. This results in an interconnection agreement for a solar panel installation.

Kooyman BV is the third company to sign an interconnection agreement for a solar panel installation with WEB.

WEB changes the opening hours of the WEB head office and the office in Rincon to improve the efficiency of customer service.