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WEB’s Bespaarspel

Learning to save in a playful way
WEB considers it important that the public consciously deals with drinking water and electricity. They don’t get out of nothing. And they cost money.

Today’s children are tomorrow’s customers. WEB’s Bespaarspel starts at the base: children become aware of the value of drinking water and electricity and in a playful way learn how to save.

Tested by the children
WEB’s Bespaarspel is a classroom board game for school children in groups 3 to 8 in primary education. All elements of the game are custom-made, child-friendly and for the largest part produced on Bonaire.

After brainstorm sessions of WEB Communications and Deviate Design, a prototype was developed. This was tested with group 3 and 4 of Kolegio Kristu Bon Wardador and group 7 and 8 of primary school Aquamarin. The children’s feedback has been included in the final version.

Locally produced
WEB has awarded the production of the numerous parts of the game to local entrepreneurs as much as possible. As for Carpinteria Statia produced the power blocks, awa blocks, houses, game boxes and game boards.

The engraving of the various wooden elements was done by SML Concepts in Nawati. They also developed the flip-coins and Webbies and provided the final installation of the game boards.

For the technically demanding printing, a specialist in The Netherlands was required: printing company Trepico in Nijkerk. Cavalier Logistics took care of quick transport to Bonaire.

Launch of WEB’s Save Game
On 23 February 2018 promotion teams of WEB brought 15 games to the 8 primary schools on Bonaire. The teachers, as ‘WEB Master’ being the game leaders, had been instructed beforehand. The promotion teams set up the game and camera crews filmed the first time the children played WEB’s Save Game.

The enthusiasm, joy and catching competition between the teams were wonderful to see. WEB is committed to further development – of WEB’s Bespaarspel and of the awareness of drinking water and electricity in the new generation.