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Wandering books

All children are going to read!

What is a wandering book? It is the book that you finished reading. That you never look into again. The book that is gathering dust. That is terribly bored. You can make it exciting: send your book wandering!

Another child can then read the book. This child on its turn sends the book wandering. So books will make an exciting trip over our island. And all children on Bonaire can read books.

The first wandering books are already on Bonaire. They have come from the Netherlands. Wandering books can be recognized by a special sticker. You find them in children’s wandering book stations. In what?

Children’s wandering book stations
A children’s wandering book station is a fixed spot. A gathering point for wandering books. There you can get a book to read. And return the book that you finished reading. Then another child can read it too.

Wandering books are in all neighborhoods
Where are the children’s wandering book stations on Bonaire? At all primary schools. So in every neighborhood you can get a wandering book to read. When you finished reading a wandering book, you bring it back.

You may also let the book wander further. Then you pass it on to another child. Your neighbor. Or your brother. Your best friend. Your cousin. That is up to you.

You can not keep a wandering book. Because then it is not a wandering book anymore. Wandering books are for all children on Bonaire.

Send you own book wandering
Do you have your own book that you never look into again? A book that is gathering dust? That is terribly bored? Make it exciting: send your book wandering!

Bring your book to the children’s wandering book station. It will get a special wandering book sticker. Then the wander can begin.