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Application for sponsorship

Would you like to be supported by WEB?
Then please submit a written request to us!

Be sure to insert the following:

o Name and address of organization
o Name and phone number of contact person
o Name of event
o Description of event
o Date of event
o Other sponsors
o Motivation
o Your contribution/reciprocation
o Financial Review

WEB will process your request within 2 weeks. You can hand in your sponsor request at our head office Playa at Kaya Gresia w/n or you can e-mail it to


Rules & Regulations

o Your sponsor request will have priority status when it is aimed at the youth and/or elderly and involves safeguarding of cultural heritage, sport, education and development.

o Please submit your request, in writing, at least three weeks before your event commences.

o The request must be submitted by an organization, a school, an association, a foundation, a team or an event agency. We do not accept applications from individuals.

o WEB Bonaire does not sponsor events or organizations that discriminate on the grounds of political belief, sex or religion. We will not accept applications for events with a theme related to drugs, alcohol or sex, nor will we accept requests for events or organizations that are in one way or another involved with, or related to, politics.